Patrick S Dyer

“A-a-aallll-rte! DJ Patrick is in the house, pumping things up for you on the Praise party.” That is how I start the Monday night episode of my week long programmes.

I’m the man in the night (late evening) who keeps you up with a variety of great programming. Every night, I play a different style; From Hip Hop to Back in Time (way way back classics, Andrea Crouch an ting!), Local Caribbean to Comedy to the ministry of the word and more.

I’ve been a Sound System DJ for over 20 years known as Joyful Sounds. It’s been a fantastic experience. I am now fulfilling my calling and destiny as an on-air broadcaster in the capacities of announcer, DJ and minister... Dreams do come true. And as we all may know I.S.A.A.C 98.1FM and our President Sis Margaret Elcock (Mrs. E) is the BEST!

One of my mandates in life is to show the world that true life in Christ does not have to be boring as some may think. John 10:10 says Christ came to bring us an exceedingly FULL LIFE. That’s Exciting!

So when you see me or others getting ours, you don’t have to envy, just say “NEXT” because you know you are next in line for your miracle. Seek the Kingdom and your destiny is on its way!
Keep on fighting that GOOD fight of Faith!

DJ Patrick is Over and Out.