Kern Tyson

Kern Tyson here. I like to think of myself as a political enthusiast and avid sports follower or no change that to analyst. I take pleasure in poking fun at local politicians when their behaviour warrants it.

I have always told people, being on air is like living a dream, so that means I live a dream everyday!

My Program Director has named me the controversial King (CK) but what is life without a little controversy.

I have been married for the last 6 years and am truly, madly, deeply, and dangerously in love with the most beautiful, nicest woman on God’s green earth Gale.

One of my hobbies is to learn all the world capitals and when am extremely bored I try to recite all. I bet you did not know that the Capital of Chad is N'Djamena duh.

People I admire are Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro, Martin Luther King, Toussaint Louere, Stevie Wonder

I must thank my mother for introducing me to the music of the 8th wonder of the world. I am still trying to understand how a man that is visual impaired can write so vividly.

‘The day's been hot and sunny
Evening's about to take control
The sky is painting pictures 
Stirring up love bliss in our souls
The breeze carries the fragrance
Of the sweetest symphony as it blows through your hair
Better can be nowhere’

My wife and I danced to this song on my 29th Birthday.

My other hobbies: Looking at Lifetime Movies with my wife. ‘Gosh I can’t get enough of those sappy romantic movies’.

I also love dancing with my wife and with my mother.  And I like travelling.

Here are some things very few people know about me…

I am a hopeless romantic

I absolutely love teddy bears, and absolutely hate conflict (no for real I am not joking).

And my favourite scripture verse is Ephesians 3:20; Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.

When I gave my life to Jesus Christ 18 years ago, I knew that God became my Father. But in 2003 I really understood how much God is really Father. He showed me the love of Him as a Father through my earthly father. I think my biggest fan is my Dad, Mervyn Tyson and guess what…? I am your biggest fan too.

I love you.