Anthony 'Space Man' Williams

Hi, I am the Space man, why they call me space man that’s a long story. Probably one day in this life I will tell you. But some people call me big brother and 'big man in the business' but all together I am the lovable big man. This is how one person described me. “He’s brave, a fighter, (controversial and analytical), he speaks well and is FINE LOOKING (note fine looking) and the Lord is with him”.

I am always here to hear and listen to whatever your situation is, I am always there to give a word of advice and comfort to all. That’s what makes me the big brother. An eagle can see from a distance in light but cannot see in the dark. An owl can see in the darkest hour. We must have vision like the owl for our lives not only when things are bright but in the darkest hour.

Therefore, when things are going right in our lives it seems like we have vision, but when we are down and out that’s the time when we really need to have vision.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish”. I am yours truly The Space Man.