Community Impact

For over 20 years the Family-Focus Broadcasting Network has been impacting a wide cross section of age groups, communities and beyond. In this section, you will find out more about the positive impact Family-Focus and I.S.A.A.C 98.1 FM has impacted the lives of others through our various outreach initiatives. As Christians we are called to help and serve others. As God blesses us, we in return are to be a blessing to others. Our local outreach opportunities are the perfect way to make a difference.


Army MenTalk

Colonel Anthony Spencer, Head of Trinidad & Tobago Army Addressing some of the troops at the MenTalk International Men's Day Seminar.








MenTalk held a one day session with the Trinidad & Tobago Regiment on November 19, International Men's Day at UWISPEC, St Augustine. Entitled Army Men Talk, the event saw over 600 men from the army in attendance. Part of this event was broadcast live on ISSAC 98.1FM.

Many issues as it pertained to Army men and family life were raised. The discussion was rich and interactive as usually expected in any of FBN’s MenTalk sessions.

A cross section of the army men engaged in the discussion


Kingdom Kids

Over 200 kids flocked to the Himalaya Club on December 19th 2012 for a full day of fun, games and entertainment. The annual event hosted by the Family-Focus Broadcasting Network is designed to give kids that breather right after the school term closes.

All Kids felt special with their all inclusive bands marked with the first letter of five items which included Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Snow-Cone, Lunch & Gift, which they received for the small contribution of $100 per child. The letter was marked off as each child redeemed their item. The younger ones could be seen pronouncing each letter for each item, some even making it into game.

Face painting, Bouncy Castle, fish games, hoola hoops, inflated balls, horse rider games and the list goes on were more than enough to keep kids of all ages active.

Popular kids group, JJ & Friends who are now internationally known for their best selling Phonic Program performed their hit songs much to the delight of all in attendance. All the kids were elated to see the group of young ones perform at their optimum.

All kids received gifts and gift bag rounding out the day’s events.

Hosts of Tweens & Kingdom Kids
Seraiah & Steffi Romero

Jared from JJ & Friends