Hiliare Murray

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Assignment Editor

Journalism is my life.  I enjoy the hustle, tension, pressure, anticipation and deadlines that surround the producing and packaging of each newscast. There is a certain excitement when I run down and write a story from scratch, yes I still write stories – I am a journalist first. It is most exciting when I only have mere minutes to complete the top story, write the headlines, print the international story and make it to the studio on time to read the news.

I am a humble young woman and began my media career in 2000 in Toco at community radio station - Radio Toco 106.7FM. Since then I have worked at a few other media houses and the Government Information Service (GIS) before settling down at I.S.A.A.C 98.1fm in 2005.

Currently, I am reading for my BA in Mass Communication at COSTAATT, which I expect to complete by the end of 2013. I have also successfully completed my Associate’s Degree in Journalism/Public Relations and will officially graduate in November 2012. Following my BA I would like to quickly jump right back in to do my Masters in Mass Communication.

When I am not writing a story or a paper/project for school - which is seldom - I enjoy being a pillion motorcycle rider, watching television, cooking or getting lost in a really good romance novel.

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