Why Advertise With Us?


If you can tell 200,000 people every day about your product, service or organization, will this support your organization to achieve its objectives?

Become an advertiser or program sponsor on I.S.A.A.C 98.1 and showcase your products and services to an audience of 200,000 plus, with great spending power.

The process is both affordable and easy.

Ranked as the 2nd Most Listened to Radio Station in Trinidad & Tobago

I.S.A.A.C is ranked as the 2nd most listened to radio station in T&T and we are reaching approximately 169,000 of the audience ages 35-44. This is 13 % of the population of T&T.

Ranked Number 1 Monday to Friday

Ranked number 1 Monday to Friday in the 35 – 44 age group, with an audience of approximately 247,000 people. This is 19% of the population of Trinidad & Tobago.

Ranked Number 1 Saturdays & Sundays

Ranked as number 1 on Saturdays & Sundays among the 35 – 44 age group, with an audience of approximately 201,500 people. This is 15.5% of the population of Trinidad & Tobago.

Contact our sales department today and ask about our packages for advertsing with any of our mediums:

  • On Air Spots
  • Website Site Banners
  • Text (SMS)
  • Television Ticker Ads
  • Website Video
  • Mobile App

Contact one of our Account Executives today call 1-868-622-8981 Ext. 129

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